About Us

Who are we?

RF Works Ltd is a design & development consultancy specialising in Radio-Frequency (RF) welding.  Our expertise ranges from medical & healthcare applications through agricultural & industrial to inflatable shelters & marine products.

Our primary materials are plastic films, plastic coated materials and textiles. These are often mated to injection moulded, dip moulded, extruded, vacuum former or die cut components. Our experience includes the successful design of products, product ranges and upgrades for existing products including the design of test and assembly systems.

Our aim:

Our aim is to develop your products quickly, innovatively and efficiently, so that you keep coming back with more work for us.

What we do:

Practical Cost-Effective Innovation

From idea to prototype in complete confidence enabling you to get on with your own business

Contract Design and Development

Our company can offer some or all your development needs, from conception and design through to production.  We have facilities for tool making and welding prototypes. We can provide project management, source materials and locate manufacturers.?

  • Design new products
  • Trouble shoot existing products
  • Source materials, toolmakers and suppliers
  • Prototype your products, off site, on our own machinery
  • Get prototypes made quickly without disrupting your normal production patterns
  • Assess the viability of new projects from the view point of both the design and the manufacturing costs
  • Facilitate the smooth introduction, to production, of products and tooling
  • Help with quality assurance and testing procedures
  • CAD drawings and solid modelling using Solidworks

Prototype manufacturing

Our welders give us the capacity to produce a wide range of welded prototypes. We can glue, weld, sew & print to deliver a complete product. Our welders give us the capacity to produce a wide range of welded prototypes. Using RF Works to prototype your design allows you to optimise for function and for manufacturer.  If you have a low to medium volume product it can be cost effective to tailor the design to the manufacturer‚s processes.

  • Materials, Components & Manufacturing can all be sourced
  • Prototype tooling is made on site or sourced as required
  • No waiting for production slots in your work schedule
  • Testing of products & materials