Design & Development

Solid WorksDeveloping your Ideas

RF Works can provide any or all of your development requirements, from the conception of the product to its sign-off for production.

This can include:

  • Providing you with a full estimate of the design and manufacturing cost of developing a new product.
  • Generating technical drawings and solid modelling to enable you to visualise your product.
  • Looking for potential problems in manufacture or use.
  • Specifying any necessary tooling.
  • Sourcing materials, toolmakers and suppliers.
  • An assessment of the viability of new projects from the view point of both the design and the manufacturing costs.

We can also:

  • Design whole products.
  • Trouble-shoot existing products.
  • Introduce new products and tooling.
  • Help with quality assurance and testing procedures.
  • Prototype new products on your machinery or off site, on our machinery.

In addition:

  • We have practical experience in seeking patents, designs (and trademarks) and can help you seek further professional advice in these areas.
  • If your product is RF welded, we have scope to produce large as well as small items.
  • We can test your product and/or develop a testing procedure for QA.
  • Prepare for CE accreditation.

New Production Methods?

  • If you are considering installing Radio-Frequency welding capacity we can advise and help.


  • Our business relies on our confidentiality. For information regarding the Intellectual Property Office, you may find this web site useful -

Once you have decided what services you need, we provide you with detailed costings. For further information on our services, please contact us.