Hygiene, Safety and Ease of Manufacture

Radio Frequency (RF or High Frequency) welding is highly suitable and of proven effectiveness for medical products.

  • RF welding offers scaleable production while using common components.
  • RF welded joints are less likely to harbour infections.
  • RF welded joins are easy to sterilise.
  • Your components can be joined to RF welded parts.
  • RF Welding, fuses similar plastics without the need for solvents or adhesives, this can offer:
    • Clean manufacture and less complicated disposal.
    • An opportunity to reduce the number of components needed to make a product.
    • Easier Certification (ISO 10993), because fewer materials are involved.
    • Joints that don‚t harbour pathogens.
  • RF Works have the scope to produce large and small prototypes; our largest welding table is 4m x 2m.
  • We can use RF welding, heat sealing, vacuum forming, gluing or sewing, whichever is the most appropriate joining method.

We can:

  • Source materials
  • Source components
  • Make you prototypes
  • Help you choose the most suitable manufacturer for your needs

The use of generic and brand names for components and materials can make it difficult to trace a necessary component; we can help you with this.

For further information on our services, please contact us.