RF Works can help you develop innovative products.

RF Works can help you comply with SOLAS safety standards.

Whether keeping water in, or keeping water out, Radio Frequency (RF or High Frequency) welding works alongside Heat welding and Adhesive bonding when manufacturing marine products.

  • RF welded joints are fast & repeatable.
  • RF welding works well with moulded & die cut components.
  • RF welding offers scaleable production while using common components.
  • RF welded joints can be made inside products by the careful use of barrier materials.
  • RF Welding, fuses similar plastics without the need for solvents or adhesives, this can offer:
    • Clean manufacture and less complicated disposal.
    • Easier Certification, because fewer materials are involved.
    • An opportunity to reduce the number of components needed to make a product.
  • RF Works have the scope to produce large and small prototypes; our largest welding table is 4m x 2m.
  • We and our associates cover the full range of joining processes from RF welding to bolts, direct-heat welding, adhesives, heat sealing, vacuum forming, gluing or sewing, whichever is the most appropriate joining method.
  • We believe in using the best joining process for your design or making the best design for the joining processes available.

We can:

  • Source materials
  • Source components
  • Make you prototypes
  • Help you choose a suitable manufacturer for your needs

For further information on our services, please contact us