RF Welding is an option when your design requires the use of plastic films and plastic coated textiles.

RF Works have experience in a very wide range of fields including, steel fabrication, pneumatics, hydraulics, Radio-Frequency welding, and valve design.

Our skills are transferable to many more.

Whether you need us to design a whole product or to mesh in with your own designers, systems, technologies or machinery, we are the Company for you.

"He's been very good with communicating ideas and detail backwards and forwards, so we understand the constraints of what we are getting into, and have been able to dovetail our work into yours very effectively".

"I wanted to write to thank you for the work on the water sleeves you did for us, and for the fast response - it was exactly what we needed, and the variety you made allowed us to visualise options very well - I don‚t think we could have done better".

We can also:

  • Source materials
  • Source components
  • Make you prototypes
  • Design really good products
  • Help you choose the most suitable manufacturer for your needs
  • We have practical experience in seeking patents, designs (and trademarks) and can help you seek further professional advice in these areas.

For further information on our services, please contact us.