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We have no idea what product you may come up with but we have the design and manufacturing experience to make your success easier to achieve.

We are very happy to develop products that you subsequently manufacture overseas.

RF Works has the scope to produce large and small prototypes.

  • We have practical experience in seeking patents, designs (and trademarks) and can help you seek further professional advice in these areas.
  • We can use RF welding, heat sealing, vacuum forming, gluing or sewing, whichever is the most appropriate production method.
  • We can help eliminate potential problems with function, manufacture, costing, testing and CE accreditation.

We can also:

  • Source materials
  • Source components
  • Make you prototypes
  • Design really good products
  • Help you choose the most suitable manufacturer for your needs

The use of generic and brand names for components and materials can make it difficult to trace a necessary component; we can help you with this.

For further information on our services, please contact us.